Dave Skale:  Entertainer
 Themed & Holiday magic Shows

“We were quite impressed with your ability to weave

magic, fantasy, and comedy into your show. 

from the amount of laughter... I’d say your audience agreed!”

-Laurie Whalen-Martinez, Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific


This is Dave’s big chance...

to become the official

wizard of the kingdom!!

But first, he must pass the test!!

dave will need to overcome

many challenges...

especially his own bumbling.

Perhaps the young knights & princesses can help?

The Amazing Wizard - DAVE


Captain Little-Beard is trying to find his lost first mate, “Patches”! 

To find him, the Captain will need a crew! 

The kids will have to join the Captain on a magical journey to find “Patches”!

Captain Little-Beard the Pirate


Sheriff dave is searching for the evil harry abbot, who stole all the gold from the orphanage.

Dave will need the help of the kids to bring him to justice.  Together, they must form a posse in their efforts to solve

“The Mystery of the Lost Gold!”

Sheriff DaVE

Patty ‘O Furniture the Leprechaun

A new king is chosen each year for halloween!

Will this be Count Dave’s Year?

Count Dave Is sure he will pass the magical tests, even though nothing works right!

Unfortunately, he doesn’t

even realize it!

Who will wind up as the

King of Halloween this year?

Count Dave the Silly Vampire

The computers went down in the North Pole and now

Santa needs help!

Elfas has snuck down to find some kids to help, but everything seems to go wrong!

Will the kids be able to help Elfas save Christmas?

Elfas Parsley the Elf

Planning a themed or holiday event?

Dave offers a variety of custom magic shows!

Each show features unique adventures guaranteed

bring your theme to life!! 

The highlight of Christmas is a visit from the big guy himself!!!

Santa visits the kids to find out their wishes, poses for pictures, passes out gifts, sings jingle bells, & brings christmas cheer to any holiday party!!

can be combined with the elfas parsley show for extra fun!!

Dave as Santa

Safari DaVE

Dave is searching for Goliath, the elusive white elephant.  Years ago, Dave spotted Goliath in the jungle and has tracked him to your party.

Why did he run away? 

will dave find him?

These questions and more are answered in this wacky adventure show

Patty ‘O Furniture is searching for his lost gold,

but he’s gonna need some help.

Perhaps the kids can become Junior Leprechauns! 

Will the kids help Patty

find his gold?