Dave Skale:  Entertainer
    The Magic of Money

“Thank you for everything you taught me about money and checks.

Now I’m helping my mom!”

-Alma Lagaos, 6th Grade


The Magic of
$ Money $


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The Nutrition 

Financial Literacy

Learning financial management skills early can

greatly reduce financial problems later in life!

Title V - Financial Literacy and Education Improvement Act.pdf

establishes a national strategy to promote financial literacy & education.

Designed for grades 1 through 12

Program is designed to fulfill the goals set forth by these

California Math Standards.pdf

Dave is an instructor for Banking On Our Future, a non-profit organization that teaches financial literacy to children. Dave has combined his MBA with

Banking On our Future’s key points for this unique magical presentation.

National Financial Literacy Month (April) always books up early, so reserve Dave now to insure availability!

Dave plucks money from thin air, vanishes a giant coin, and even magically fills an empty box with cash as he examines the basics of banking, budgeting, borrowing & investing in this “fun & informative magical production”.

The kids learn these Important Life Lessons:

    What is money and how do we earn it?

    What is the difference between needs and wants?

    How do we make a budget?

    What is interest?

    Why do we need to avoid borrowing money and going into debt?

    How can we save money and earn interest?

SPECIAL BONUS: The following FREE downloads are included:

   Worksheets to reinforce lessons learned:

    Money Magic Worksheet (1st - 3rd).pdf

     Money Magic Worksheet (4th & Up).pdf

   Teacher’s guide to facilitate classroom discussion:

     Money Magic Worksheet (4th & Up) KEY.pdf