Dave Skale:  EnTertainer
corporate Team-Building

“The kids and adults alike always have a great time with

his fun and quirky games!”

-Yelena Westerfield, Trademark Concrete Systems, Inc.


An unstoppable team equals

unstoppable results!!

Check out a sample of Dave’s many team-Building Games!

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One of the greatest investments your company can make is in your staff.  After all, they are responsible for all operations!

their ability to work

together directly impacts

your company’s goals!

Dave’s Team-building games

are a great way to:

develop problem solving skills Raise Morale

enhance communication

improve bonding

Here’s how it works:

Your staff is divided into teams.

(this can be coordinated beforehand or at the event). 

The teams compete in a variety of fun contests.

Many of these contests have fun and unique twists to make them extra exciting!

These contests combine problem solving puzzles, physical Synergy, planning and strategy! 

Teams must work together in order to excel!