Dave Skale:  EnTertainer
    Picnic Games Master

“Many of the parents came up to me saying “This guys great!”...

I even had people come over from other picnic areas asking

for your name and number.  Thank you again!!”

-Judy Yamashita


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GamesMaster Dave runs a ton of wacky games with unique twists that make them extra fun!

Games are designed for all ages... including adults!

great for carnivals, picnics, and family fun-days!

Dave’s games include:

Bunny Hop * Monkey Races * Crab Crawl * turtle Races

Water Balloon Volleyball * Musical Hula-Hoops

Sack Races * Shoe Scramble * Limbo * Walla Balla

3 legged sack races * Hula Hoop Contest * Water Bags

Mother / Child Hug Race * Father / Child Pony Express

Shoe Kicking Contest * Island Hopping * thread The Needle

Water Balloon Toss * Bucket Brigade  * Tug-O-War

Hula Hoop Pass * Pass the Hat * Tower Building

Trivia Scrabble * Ecology Clean-up race

and many more!!

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