“David Skale has a GREAT “green” magic show

that will have the kids enthralled!!”

-Patty Breech, Green Up Our Schools

Dave Skale:  Entertainer

SPECIAL BONUS: The following FREE downloads are Included:

   Worksheet to reinforce lessons learned:

   Dave Skale's Environmental Magic Worksheet.pdf


   Teacher’s guide to facilitate classroom discussion:

   Dave Skale's Environmental Magic Worksheet KEY.pdf

Designed for grades K through 6

Program is designed to fulfill the goals set forth by these

California State Science Standards (Environment).pdf

Dave was the “OFFICIAL MAGICIAN” for

“Green up our schools”, a grant program that provides money & resources

for elementary school waste reduction & recycling plans.

Earth doesn’t come with instructions on how to care for it...

until now!!

Dave and the kids explore the challenges and solutions to

keeping our planet healthy in this fun, magical production.

The kids learn these Important Instructions

for caring for our planet:

    What happens if we use up our limited resources?

    Does trash simply just ‘disappear’ when we throw it away?

    How does pollution effect our lives?

    What are the 3 magic words that can save our planet?

    How can we reduce our need for water in california?

    Why should we think twice before throwing something away?

    Why is recycling a magical solution to saving our world?


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