Dave Skale:  EnTertainer
    Balloon Sculptures

“The balloon animals were a hit!!”

-Joanne Bumm, Goldenwest College   


Lions & Tigers & bears...

Oh My!!!

(and dogs, cats, mice, birds, elephants, horses, monkeys, swans, tigers, butterflies, pigs, penguins, dragons, bats, Laser blasters, Flowers, Hearts, poodles, giraffes, bunnies, panthers, Turtles, dinosaurs, hats, and many more!!!)

Dave’s rapid fire balloon sculptures are a sure hit

for parties, carnivals, and just about anywhere

kids of all ages can be found!!

Dave’s balloon creations have even been featured on

numerous T.V. shows and commercials!

balloons can be added to most of dave’s other programs!



Monkey on a tree




Dave as the on-board entertainer on amtrak’s  ‘coast starlight’ (1997)