Dave skale gets “top billing at

school assembly show!”

-los Angeles TImes

Dave Skale:  Entertainer
  Assembly show Themes

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The kids learn how bullying harms both the bully and the target and steps to take if they are being picked on or if they see someone

else harassed.

(grades K through 6)

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No Drugs

Red Ribbon Show

The children learn about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol abuse as well as the challenges of peer pressure and the consequences of their choices in this “sensitive yet entertaining show”.

(grades K through 6)

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The Nutrition


Students explore how good

food fuels our bodies while bad foods cause health

problems in this fun,

magical presentation.

(grades K through 6)

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Dave and the kids explore the challenges and solutions to

keeping our planet healthy

in this fun, magical production.

(grades K through 6)

Dave demonstrates samples from his “bully busters”,

“Magic of Money”, “Nutrition Magician”, and “no-drugs!” shows

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The Magic of

$ Money $

Financial Literacy

Kids examine the basics of banking, budgeting, borrowing & investing in

this “fun & informative

magical production”.

(grades 1 through 12).